Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Make It or Break It: Sunday, Bloody Sasha, Sunday

This week's episode was rather predictable from the previews. I was almost right in my prediction that the four girls would be locked in a gym to battle out their differences after the party. I was only wrong about how they would battle it out. Unfortunately, they did not use their awesome gymnastics skills but instead, their words. How boring.

Somehow Sasha found out that the girls went to the outdoor party the night before. He calls all the girls into the gym on Sunday to confront them about their transgression, and then makes them do countless reps of hard gymnastic things to punish them. He sees that the girls have various problems with each other, so he takes a talk show host approach and has them all write down their issues with one another. To no surprise by the audience and complete surprise by the girls, he reads the issues aloud. This doesn't really change anything between the girls, and he makes them stay longer to clean all the mats in the gym.

This is when the healing begins. Emily finally confesses to having a job when she tells everyone she needs to get to her shift or she will be fired. Kaylie agrees to cover for her and gets Lauren and Payson to back her up, too. The girls aide Emily in her escape and then lie for her when Sasha comes in to check. Lucky for Emily, her mom covered her shift until she got there. Emily was really rude to her mom in my eyes. I would be grateful that my mom helped me not get fired, but of course, all she focuses on is her mom's gossiping with Razor's friend.

At the gym, Lauren tells Kaylie and Payson she is no longer a virgin, but avoids admitting that she slept with Carter the night before. Kaylie follows Lauren's confession with her own by coming clean about her relationship with Carter. The girls then realize how bitchy they've been and decide to be friends again and start a water fight. Really? That's getting too cheesy...even for ABC Family.

After covering for Emily, the girls try to make her feel more a part of the group when she gets back. I don't really like Emily too much as a character because I find her kind of boring. I guess I am more interested in Lauren because at least she's dynamic. She told Emily she owed her one when she covered for her, and I wondered why she said that. Then I was like, oh yeah, you almost killed her when you tampered with her vault! Ah, the token bitch of the show. You can't help but feel sorry for her now because she can't confide in anyone about Carter. She's putting on the tough front, but I can't figure out if she really likes Carter or is just fragile after what happened. Perhaps a combination of both?

Sasha asking Payson's mom to manage the gym was an interesting side plot in the episode. I didn't see that one coming, but it will be nice to see her get more integrated in the show. I'm kind of tired of the over-bearing dads (though its nice they point out it's not always the moms). I also wonder if Marty is going to show up anytime soon, or if he will only appear in a season finale shocker. Oh well. I guess we'll see.

Next week the girl's participate in a fashion show and it looks like the bonding session quickly wears off as the claws come out again. Of course, Lauren is the center of all this by apparently stealing Emily's dress and trying to reveal Kaylie and Carter's relationship again. Luck Payson doesn't have anything Lauren can ruin....or does she? Dun dun duuuuun.

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