Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Previously on True Blood...

I started watching True Blood when it started and was able to finish it through the first season because I had HBO at school. Unfortunately, I do not have the same cable line up in Orlando and was forced to accept the fact that I wouldn't be able to watch season 2. Just as I was getting used to this, I found that I have some very useful friends and neighbors who have this beautiful thing called "HBO on Demand." So, as luck would have it, I have seen season 2 so far. My connections are waning, though, so I'm not sure I will be able to post more about this season or not. It just depends on how many more TV's I can find to temporarily take over ;)

It would take me way too long to review each episode, so I'm gonna discuss True Blood by each character and what they've been through this season. Why don't we start with the least fortunate of the season opener, Lafayette.

After the season finale, it was pretty certain that Lafayette was either killed, captured, or turned into a vampire. We saw him get attacked from the attacker's point of view, so we had no idea who the assailant was. We found out rather quickly in the first episode that Eric had organized Lafayette's capture for dealing vampire blood, and that Lafayette was in the basement of Fangtasia slowly rotting away. He managed a gruesome escape, but didn't even get out the door before he was shot in the leg. If it wasn't for Sookie's mind-reading abilities, he would still be down there. Right now he is alive and well in his own home, but Eric has some weird interest in him. I'm not sure if it is romantic, business, or friendly, but I'm sure Lafayette and Eric will be interacting a lot more as the season continues. I miss Lafayette making people his bitch instead of being someone else's bitch. I hope he gets back to his usual self soon.

Eric's been interesting so far. I do like that he cut his hair, showed up in a ladies clothing store in a track suit to talk to Bill, and then was mistaken for gay by the saleslady. It was nice to have that little bit of humor thrown in with all the other craziness (though I was still laughing at that point from when Bill said "I am Vampire" to the saleslady). Poor Eric is losing his influence as the big bad in town for several reasons. Besides the track suit, there is a bull-headed demon running around, Sookie and Bill are taking Eric for every penny they can get out of him, and Lafayette is allowed to live. Eric's little outburst killing at the end of the first episode should have made me fear him, but I think he's a big softy. My guess at why Eric is so interested in the missing vampire in Dallas? I think it's his sire/maker. He emphasized how loyal Pam was to him in "Scratches," so I feel like he is being loyal to his own leader.

Not much to say about Daphne except that I do not trust her any more than I trust Bill to not make me burst out laughing at his over-the-top accent. This girl appears to have been scratched by the same thing as Sookie, but how did she survive without the creepy old doctor lady? And why is she so eager to sink her claws into Sam? You know she must be evil if she's going after the (mostly) innocent Sam. I'm thinking she might be in cahoots with Maryann, or maybe she is someone Maryann created to distract Sam.

Speaking of psycho lady, what is up with Maryann? I don't understand why she is trying to control Tara and why she keeps throwing orgy parties. People down in Bon Temps need to calm down the hormones. The flashbacks they showed of her and Sam leave a lot out about what happened between them. I don't think it was just about sex and money because she seems to feel the need to constantly threaten turning him into this cute little pup:

Going on my random guesses, I'm gonna say Maryann is some type of love goddess. She hasn't done anything evil yet and just seems to be concerned with sexuality and fertility. However, we did see her hands transform into the bull demon claws we saw in the third episode. I don't think that necessarily means it's her, but she does have the motive to get rid of Sookie. Her possession of Tara seems very important to her and Sookie asking Tara to move in with her seems to put a wrench in Maryann's plans. I just hope Tara doesn't get impregnated with some demon spawn, though after the show Maryann put on in the last episode with the black eyes, swaying, and clawing dirt...I really wouldn't be surprised.

Is any one else tired of feeling sorry for Tara? This last episode especially had her getting on my nerves. Boohoo. Your friends aren't there for you on your birthday. YOU ran away to a stranger's house and stopped showing up for work on a regular basis. And Sookie and Lafayette almost died with poisonous scratches, vampire bites, and gunshot wounds. But oh no. I have to watch Tara cry about being alone on her birthday. Over it. And dating a guy named Eggs? Kinda sketchy Tara, kinda sketchy.

Joe and Judy Regular here scare me more than the vampires. Their cult following is so creepy. It makes me sad that Jason is so weak to fall into the whole scheme. I thought he would like vampires given all the human violence he's witnessed, but Sarah keeps getting his head and convincing him otherwise.

But honestly, what guy could resist the perfect combo of ribs and a blonde? This picture makes me feel like Sarah is getting ready to eat him alive, not that Jason is sitting down to a nice meal. I hope that in the end, Jason makes good choices. I think I would be sad if he ends up hunting vampires. He obviously couldn't kill a main character like Bill, but what about Jessica?

Jessica has been a breath of fresh air on True Blood. I love her character. She was already fun as Bill's whiny charge in the first couple episodes, but the incident with her family revealed there was more depth to her character than I originally thought. Supposedly she was raised by an abusive father and grew up in a house full of strict rules. She tries to get back at her parents when she pays them a visit, but Bill bursts in at the last second to save them and take Jessica away. I liked when she went out to Merlotte's and met Hoyt the following night, too (I was so jealous of her cute hair and outfit in that episode!). They are so adorable together, and I'm hoping that continues when she gets back from Dallas.

And finally, Sookie and Bill. For the most part, these two have been fairly boring. After a quick I Love You/I Hate You/I Love You Again in the first episode, these two have had barely any problems in their relationship. Yeah, Bill got all mad about Sookie meddling with Jessica, but that was quickly extinguished when Sookie got attacked by the demon (I like how I say that so casually). The trip to Dallas is working as a way to excite the plot lines for these characters, though. With Bill prying as to why Eric is so concerned about the missing vampire and Sookie finding a fellow mind-reader, I'm sure the season will prove to be quite eventful for these two.

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