Sunday, July 26, 2009

Zap2it's Greatest TV Characters Poll Picks Week 3

Week 3

It's that time of the week again! This week's categories from the Greatest TV Characters Poll include all the rough around the edges type. Here are my picks:

Best Rebel: James 'Sawyer' Ford from "Lost"

Some of my favorite quotes from Lost are Sawyer lines (including "Guess what? I JUST SHOT A BEAR!" and "Thank you, boar expert!"). It's hard not to love this guy. He's the best kind of rebel because he flips back and forth between only looking out for himself and occasionally showing he has a heart. He softened up a lot recently as he became the leader of those left on the island, but I'm hoping we will see him get back to his endearing jackass personality again soon. Plus I wouldn't mind seeing him shirtless again. Those Dharma Initiative suits are not very sexy. My close second in this category was Hyde from That 7o's Show, but he's mostly just talk. At least Sawyer did some bad things.

Currently Leading in the Polls: Mal Reynolds from Firefly with 23.1% of the votes

Best Spy/Secret Agent: Chuck Bartowski from "Chuck"

I just started watching Chuck this summer and I immediately loved the main character. Chuck is a great spy/secret agent because he truly embodies the "average joe" title as the lead Nerd Herder at Buy More. Despite having a normal (yet quirky) life, he easily steps up to being an asset to both the NSA and the CIA. He lands a helicopter, fights of bad guys while still tied to a chair (although Casey is there to help), and saves his handlers on multiple occasions using quick thinking and dumb luck. He may not have years of training under his belt, but I would definitely like to have this guy on my side if I found myself in a tough situation.

Currently Leading in the Polls: Sydney Bristow from Alias with 26.6% of the votes

Best Antihero: ?

Can you believe that out of 14 nominees, I've never seen any of the shows they are from? I think I may have seen one episode of "House," but I don't think it is enough to really vote for him. I guess I'm not into Antihero shows.

Currently Leading in the Polls: Greg House from House with 24.7% of the votes

Best Tough Girl: Buffy Summers from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

I have to vote for Buffy in this category since she is my favorite TV character of all time. I think "Tough Girl," though, implies more of a rebel and not necessarily a hero. I would have expected to see Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this category instead. Oh well. Buffy is awesome. She has survived death twice, won the hearts of the only two living vampires with souls, killed a bajillion vampires, thwarted a dozen apocalypses- all while graduating high school, attending college, and serving as the school guidance counselor. She truly is one of a kind. Or I guess, she was, until the season finale in which every girl who could be a slayer became one at the same time....

Currently Leading in the Polls: Sarah Walker from Chuck with 61.6% of the votes

Best Boozer: Karen Walker from "Will and Grace"

I haven't seen a lot of Will and Grace episodes, but I've seen enough to know Karen deserves Best Boozer over the other nominees in this category. Between constantly giving Grace bad advice, playfully insulting Will, being BFF's with Jack, and abusing Rosario, Karen does it all with a drink in one hand and a token laugh that most of the world would recognize by now. I'm pretty sure she would be really fun to go bar hopping with...or bring to a family get-together to make things more interesting.

Currently Leading in the Polls: Karen Walker from Will and Grace with 29.3%

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