Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Zap2it's Greatest TV Characters Poll Picks Week 2

Week 2

This Monday, five new categories were released in Zap2it's Greatest TV Characters Poll. The majority have to do with school characters, but they threw in a few random ones, too. As promised, here are my picks.

Best Educator: Dr. Miranda Bailey from "Grey's Anatomy"

Bailey is one of my favorite characters on Grey's Anatomy, and I think she definitely prevails in this category. She is both harsh and fair as the leading resident to her interns as she guides them through their first few years at Seattle Grace. She takes full responsibility for her charges, and even goes as far as taking the blame for Izzie's misconduct regarding Denny's heart transplant. She feels it is her fault that it happened in the first place. Bailey also advises her fellow colleagues and even her superiors, often being a go to person for the Chief when he needs to make a decision. While balancing everyone else, Bailey also makes some tough decisions in her own life. She even gives up her relationship when she realizes her husband is preventing her from achieving her own goals. Now that is a strong woman we all can look up to.

Currently Leading in the Polls: Rupert Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer with 32.8% of the votes

Best College Student: Rusty Cartwright from "Greek"

Finally! Some "Greek" representation. I was sad to see neither Casey nor Rusty were in the Best Brother/Sister categories since they have a good relationship, but oh well. At least Zap2it didn't ignore the show completely. Rusty is a great college student because he does everything. He is a Polymer Science major (don't ask me what that is) AND he is a member of Kappa Tau, the campus' slacker fraternity. He is always trying to maintain a balance between his social and academic life, and while partying usually comes first, he manages to keep his grades up. Besides this balancing act, he manages to be a sweet boyfriend, supportive brother, and loyal friend. Did I mention I love Rusty? He's so cute in his own dorky kind of way.

Currently Leading in the Polls: Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls with 31.4% of the votes

Best High-School Student: Kim Possible from "Kim Possible"

I know, I know. I shouldn't like a kid's cartoon show. But seriously, Kim Possible is awesome. She is the captain of the cheer leading squad, a straight A student, and she fights crime as an extracurricular. Plus, she has friends everywhere around the world. How else do you think she gets rides to exotic locations to get the bad guys? She has an endless supply of sidekick gadgets, a brain surgeon and rocket scientist as parents, a best friend that's a computer genius, and a dedicated boyfriend who not only helps her on her missions, but also provides sarcastic commentary. I think her high school days were more exciting than the rest of the nominees' combined.

Currently Leading in the Polls: Veronica Mars from Veronica Mars with 50.8% of the votes

Best President: George W. Bush from "Saturday Night Live"

One word: Strategery. I loved Will Ferrell's impressions on SNL, and was sad when other cast members had to take over when he left the show. SNL is known for doing great political sketches that become viral videos online, and George W. Bush was no exception. Besides Sarah Palin, I feel George W. Bush was the easiest and best politician the show ever made fun of. Obama was nominated in this category for "various" shows, but I thought that wasn't fair. He's not a TV character. Even my pick for this category is a stretch.

Currently Leading in the Polls: David Palmer from 24 with 25.2% of the votes

Best Voiceover: The Narrator from "Pushing Daisies"

Who doesn't love Jim Dale's voice? It only took me an episode or two to figure out the narrator from Pushing Daisies is the same guy who does the audio books for Harry Potter. This man's voice is so soothing to me, with the British accent and soft tones...he was made for narrating. The voiceovers in Pushing Daisies are used just enough so that they add to the show instead of taking away from it. They are not just used at the beginning and end, but are sprinkled throughout the episodes to move the story along at a good pace. They honestly couldn't have chosen a better person for this. The category for Best Voiceover did have a lot of good choices with Gossip Girl, Mary Alice Young, and Meredith Grey, but I'd have Jim Dale read me to sleep any day over the rest of the nominees.

Currently Leading in the Polls: Michael Westen from Burn Notice with 17.2% of the votes

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