Saturday, July 25, 2009

True Blood: "Never Let Me Go" Episode

This episode started with the interesting plot twist about Sookie finding another telepath. Unlike Sookie, this new guy hides his gift and does not use it for any type of personal gain. She tries to reach out to him, but by the end of the episode, he has disappeared. I thought it was ridiculous that Sookie didn't tell Bill right away about who she ran into. She eventually told him the next morning, but I feel like I would have run right in and been like "OMG GUESS WHO I MET?" Apparently she cares about sleeping with him more. Is anyone else getting a little tired of this coupling? They aren't very interesting right now. Bill's maker showed up in the last scene of the show, so I hope she helps mix things up between these two. I think Bill and Sookie are interesting characters, but I'd much rather watch them individually than together. Sookie seems to get more naive and dumb when she is with Bill, so I am definitely looking forward to her story line of infiltrating the Light of Day Institute without him.

The people at the institute are getting more and more weird to me. I was basically scarred by the scene with Sarah and Jason in the bathroom. WTF. I told my friend I was watching it with that I would much rather them just have sex than go through that bizarre dialogue by the bath tub. I also thought that boot camp scenes were kind of odd, but at least Jason didn't come across as a jackass. I'm starting to think he is playing the people at the institute and is just infiltrating it as much as he possibly can (I don't think he started that way, but I think he had a change of heart early on). He seemed like he was just pretending to be enthusiastic when he saw the arsenal....I don't know. Any thoughts?

Maryann is still a creeper. Not much new to say about her except we now know that she can make people love AND hate each other, depending on what is more beneficial for her. She uses this tactic to turn Tara's friends against her, and because Tara seems to have no confidence of her own, this works. Jeez Tara. I'm surprised she isn't in the Light of Day Institute with Jason. She seems like a prime candidate for a cult.

I'm not even gonna comment on the Sam/Daphne thing. So ridiculous (Did you catch the obvious pool innuendos?). All you need to know is that she is a fellow shape shifter.

By the way, I totally called the Godric/Eric relationship. Eric revealed to Bill that Godric indeed is his maker, and that he feels loyal to him because of this. Since I guessed this, I wasn't surprised, but I was caught off guard by the idea that Godric is a young man (or at least looks like one). You always picture old vampires...well, old. But I suppose they could be 5-year-olds if they wanted. I'm interested to see Godric in present day. I wonder how long it will take the gang to track him down...

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