Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Movie Series: Ice Age - Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Scrat: Bitch Please!

To be fair, I wasn't expecting this movie to be fantastic. But, I have a personal attachment to the first one (it was the first movie me and a group of close friends at the time saw together) and I moderately liked the second one, so it seemed logical to see this one. I went with a few neighbors and their kids and I don't think any of us really liked it. I just couldn't get over how boring it was. About 15 minutes in, I realized I wouldn't mind just walking out. I hoped that maybe I was being prematurely negative, but this feeling pretty much stayed with me the entire time.

The movie starts out with Manny and Ellie preparing for the birth of their daughter. Manny is already stressed out about keeping the baby safe, and tries to baby proof nature by building a safe playground. Diego is uninterested in being a babysitter, and he decides he needs to return to his carnivorous ways and become a nomad again. This irks Sid because Diego makes him feel that maybe he should leave, too. He sets out on his own for a bit and stumbles upon three dinosaur eggs. He thinks they are abandoned, so he draws faces on them and treats them as his kids. When the mammoths tell him he should return them, he leaves and tries to raise the kids on his own. They hatch pretty quickly and instantly assume Sid is their mommy. Sid loves being responsible for something and takes to motherhood pretty well. Unfortunately, the dinosaurs' real mother comes to look for her babies and ends up taking them and Sid back to the underground dinosaur world (that apparently no one knew they were living over).

The herd bans together again (even Diego) to rescue Sid by traveling down into the dinosaur world. They quickly meet Buck, a crazy, but resourceful weasel voiced by Simon Pegg. His methods of survival are a little out there, but he is the only choice the group has for a guide, so they follow him blindly. Buck explains that the mommy dinosaur they are after isn't the big bad of this new world. Rudy, the one who gave Buck the eye injury, is lurking around ready to strike at any moment as the group chases after Sid.

Scrat and his new female friend, Scratte, appear throughout the movie as they fight over what seems to be the last acorn that exists. This is sometimes funny, too (especially an acorn fight set to tango music), but most of these scenes the audience has already seen in trailers promoting the movie.

That's basically it. It doesn't get much deeper than that. I was surprised even Simon Pegg could not save the movie. Buck is fun, but there are too many characters in the group to really have any steal the spotlight. I thought Peaches, the baby mammoth, was really cute, but she isn't in much of the movie. Even though I'd like to see more of her, I really hope they do not make another movie. The writers obviously are out of any fresh ideas for a plot line, and nothing new was really used that made the animation stand out (such as the scenery and work with fur that was beautifully detailed in Kung Fu Panda). I would give this one star. Don't see it unless it is on TV years from now and there is nothing else on. It's not bad, it's just not interesting at all.

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